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Whether you're looking to lose weight, train for a competition, improve your nutrition, recover from illness or injury, build strength, or simply improve your fitness, I tailor my coaching to suit your individual goals and requirements. 


One thing I always encourage my clients to do, however, is learn about their bodies in order to move better, and feel better. The reason that knowledge is so important, is because this will allow you to maintain your health and wellbeing for years to come!


When you walk in for your first session, we'll undertake a detailed analysis of your functional capabilities, and discuss your goals and ambitions. I then work with you to explore your body's full potential, through skills development, strength building, and conditioning in a way that suits you.


While the needs and goals of all clients are different, in my one on one sessions, I utilise aspects of kettlebell techniques, weightlifting, locomotion methods, hand-balancing, gymnastics and rowing. Each session will also include some form of mobility and stretching work, and runs for one hour.


Pricing for one on one coaching is as follows:


  • $105 per week for 1 session a week

  • $200 per week for 2 sessions a week

  • $285 per week for 3 sessions a week

  • $120 for a casual single session


Don't want to train alone? I'm happy to work with you and a friend, or small groups for a 25% discount off the following prices for one hour sessions:


  • $78.75 per week each for 1 session a week

  • $150 per week each for 2 sessions a week

  • $213.75 per week each for 3 sessions a week

  • $90 for each a casual single session


I deliver tailored workshops on a range of topics from gymnastics to strength and conditioning, stretching and mobility, and Capoeira. If you're a business owner with staff who are looking for a fun group lunchtime fitness session, or a gym owner looking to upskill your clients and coaches, I'd be happy to chat about your requirements.

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