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Got specific training goals? Simon’s the Personal Trainer of your dreams.


Don’t really have specific goals in mind BUT know you need some advice and guidance on what you could focus on? Again, Simon’s your man.


Need a Marvel or Star Wars debrief or review, again…Simon.


Years ago if you had asked if I would ever think about seeing a Personal Trainer, I would have laughed in your face. I was pretty happy to eat humble pie when I started to train with Simon.


Simon came highly recommended as a non-yelly trainer. I completely agree with this statement, he knows when to push you a little bit further, even when you don’t think you could, in the most calm and positive way. It would be such an annoying trait if he wasn’t such a champion of a human.


I never understood the impact a personal trainer could have on my physical and mental health journey. As someone living with anxiety and depression, I found it super challenging to motivate myself even get into a gym. Even when I got there my anxiety would kick in. Training with Simon definitely gave me the confidence that I had lacked, leading me to realise I was training for me and my health.


Simon taught me the importance of taking the time to get the right technique so I was lifting weights a lot heavier than I thought I ever could. His focus on functional fitness helped me learn to respect my body for the amazing things that it can do, along with discovering new stretches to help with my form and wake up my lazy office worker muscles to get ready to work.


Another bonus to recommend him is he never made me do a burpee, he’s good like that. If you want to challenge yourself, need a new Obi Wan Kenobi or want to get your training started on the right track, then do yourself (and your body) a favour and get in touch with Simon.


Mel Jones


What makes Simon good is the experience and depth he draws upon to deliver high quality personal training sessions. He fosters a strong relationship with his clients through his manner and skill at translating the content of discussions and observations into your training needs.

His intelligence, adaptability and communication style fosters a safe, focused environment to work  towards shared goals.


You can't beat face-to-face sessions with an articulate, experienced trainer. Someone who will help navigate your contraints (what ever they may be), challenge you in interesting ways and work with in healthy levels of discomfort.


#BetweenTheLines - All this is code for saying, they guys rocks and you should just call already.

Liam McCallum


Here's what one of my handstand workshop attendees had to say:


On Saturday I attended the FUNC Gymnastics Workshop, and can I say that it is up there with one of the highest standard workshops I have attended. Simon, you have so much skill, knowledge and passion about your craft. You held a workshop that was engaging, interesting, inclusive and encouraging for each of our individual abilities.


As I approach the fine vintage of 40 … hmm my secret’s out :) I have been setting a few ‘life goals’ – one these has fired a keen interest in body weight strength and control, very much driven by my  unfulfilled childhood dream to finally pull off a freehold handstand.


During the hours we spent with you (Simon) we worked through various warm ups, movements and techniques and that were both challenging and a whole lot of fun, although the following day my upper body was arguing the fun part J!  I walked away on Saturday spirited with enough enthusiasm, the right tools and technical information to continue my journey and one day soon ’tick off’ one or two of my goals.


It honestly never ceases to amaze me that some of the best ‘game changing’ experiences are often where you least expect them.  


Thank you for your guidance.  


Melissa Foreman
Conference & Events Manager | Canberra Airport

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