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Client Conversations: Meet Richard

This post is is the eleventh in my client conversations series. I’m lucky enough to train really diverse and interesting folk with all kinds of training goals, ambitions, professional backgrounds and life experiences. I’ll regularly feature an interview with a client on my blog, so you can get to know them! Meet Richard... And his Roos.

You in 25 words or less

I'm 65yo, recently returned to live in Canberra after 17 years living in the bush managing a wildlife sanctuary and indulging my passion for nature.

What’s on your playlist right now?

Most of the 19th and 20th century opera and classical repertoire. If classical doesn't count as a playlist, it would be hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Why did you decide to start training with me?

After years of punishing my body with hard (but mostly enjoyable) work, with little time for exercise, in retirement I wanted to begin a guided fitness program to improve my muscular and cardio fitness. After checking out most of the personal trainer websites in Canberra I chose Simon based on his extensive qualifications and wide-ranging experience, as well as the testimonials posted by his clients which made clear their high regard for him.

I must say after some months working with Simon I am delighted that I have made the perfect choice. Using a varied program from week to week he always works me within my limits while pushing me enough to get a training benefit. He is patient and meticulous in ensuring good technique and applies his detailed knowledge of muscular and skeletal anatomy throughout our sessions. His explanations and guidance are clear and articulate. His professional and thorough approach combined with his relaxed style and great sense of humour are some of the many reasons I enjoy his coaching and always look forward to our next session.

What are your big picture training goals?

My upper body and core strength have always been poor. Over the years this has resulted in lots of strains and injuries, so my main training goals are to develop more core and upper body strength, as well as improved cardio fitness. Under Simon's guidance I have come to appreciate the importance to long term health of maintaining muscle mass via strength (as distinct from weight) training.

An unexpected benefit of working with Simon has been the disappearance of my chronic back and shoulder pains, for which costly physiotherapy over the years provided only temporary relief. As a result of the strength training provided by Simon, these pains are completely gone.

Who inspires you?

Anyone who campaigns against the ruthless exploitation of our planet, its resources, and the creatures who live on it merely for monetary gain. Two stand-outs for me: Dr Neal Barnard, an American physician, author and clinical researcher who promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet and whose writings inspired me to go vegan; and Lyn White at Animals Australia, who investigates and exposes the brutal treatment of animals in factory farms, slaughterhouses and elsewhere.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into training?

I would say just do it, and stop thinking about it. Your body will thank you for the mental and physical benefits it brings. But before you start, make sure you find a quality personal trainer. With a five-star coach like Simon you simply can't go wrong. And what's more, you'll enjoy it.

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