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Client conversations: meet Jason

This post is is the eighth in my new client conversations series. I’m lucky enough to train really diverse and interesting folk with all kinds of training goals, ambitions, professional backgrounds and life experiences. I’ll regularly feature an interview with a client on my blog, so you can get to know them! Meet Jason

You in 25 words or less.

Connoisseur of fine coffee, red wine and super hero movies. Husband to Clare and dad to one super heroine in the making, Ella.

What’s on your playlist right now?

Music wise - I mix it up a-lot and tend to leave single songs on repeat for hours (weird, but it helps with my concentration). A current favourite is Tash Sultana.

Why did you decide to start training with me?

Recommendation / Friends. I wanted to start doing some more exercise to help with recovering from an ongoing back injury and Clare wanted to get back into some general training. We'd enjoyed doing personal training together previously so we decided to give it another go. You came highly recommended, were very knowledgeable, patient and accommodating to our differing levels of fitness and my injuries.

What are your big picture training goals?

Training consistently - pain and injury free. Who inspires you? No one person in particular. When I was doing Crossfit regularly I often trained with a family who'd train together (mum, dad & kids) - they always seemed (to me) to have a great relationship amongst each other and outlook on work/life. I regularly found myself hoping that I'd be able to achieve something similar with my young family.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about getting into training?

Do it. Consistency is key.

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